Ensure-A-Seal is pioneering the entombment industry with a history of developing innovative death-care products.

Having developed proven solutions for mausoleum operations and casket protection, Ensure-A-Seal is an industry standard in the death-care space. EAS offers premium-quality casket enclosures, mausoleum enhancement products, educational resources and ongoing consultation services to eliminate problems.

I evolved the existing brand identity for EAS including the new website. This project was done in a freelance capacity. I led all design operations from brand identity and user experience to project management and client relations.


Role—Brand, UX/UI

I simplified the mark from a more complex execution which is a physical representation of what EAS products do, that is, provide long-lasting security in support of the spaces and products that house human bodies after death. With utilitarian design principles guiding the product development at EAS, simplicity, alignment, and practicality were fundamental to the reconstruction of the mark.

The color palette was informed by moments experienced in nature. As part of nature’s cycle, death is an inescapable moment that happens in the natural world and one of the reasons EAS exists today.